About me

Hi, My name is Penny Stevens!  I’m obsessed with personal finance, environmental issues, and natural resource conservation.  Really, I’m a saver!  Why 6 Birds?  Well, my grandmother kept a roost of six chickens when I was growing up in California.  She loved those chickens, and I loved my grandmother….

I used to watch her take care of those chickens, and I genuinely believe that they loved her!  Anway, fast forward about a billion years, and I’ve learned so much of the nurturing ways of my grandmother that it applies here on my new blog.  I hope you like it.

What makes me an expert on saving?  Nothing really – I have no credential except that I do it every day.  All my friends tell me it’s my gift to the world, and so here I am trying to share it with the world because I feel joy in spreading positive messages.

Here’s some other highlights about me (LOL, just for fun):

Managed a small team managing banjos in Las Vegas, NV. Have some experience developing strategies for mosquito repellent in West Palm Beach, FL. Crossed the country short selling velcro in Prescott, AZ. Gifted in creating marketing channels for deodorant in Libya. Was quite successful at developing strategies for birdhouses in Pensacola, FL. Once had a dream of testing the market for sock monkeys in Naples, FL.